Choosing House Materials? Here are 7 Questions You Should Ask!

Your house not only needs to look aesthetically pleasing, but it also needs to be structurally sound.

You should consider suitable materials to keep you safe during harsh weather climates of snow, rain, or heat.

Likewise, ensuring a solid foundation means your house will stay durable even when built years ago.

Furthermore, you can easily get overwhelmed with your choices since plenty of materials exist, so here are seven questions to help you if you’re experiencing such difficulty.

Here, you’ll find questions directed to yourself and your builder to get a broad perspective on your situation:

What Kind of House Designs Are You After?


Before you come to your builder, you should plan how you want your home to look.

Your house design should complement the foundation and material of your house, so it’s also essential to consider this.

You could consider getting stone masonry if you want a medieval home. Doing so will help you achieve the rough and rugged look you want. You could opt for wooden structures for a traditional and rustic-looking house.

You could choose to use horizontally-stacked logs or robust timber materials.

If you don’t have a home design yet in mind, it’s best to learn your preferences now. Here, looking up home designs available online is the best option.

Doing so will give you alternate solutions and help you gather information about your preferred aesthetic.

Submitting your home design to your dealer will narrow down the material choices that perfectly fit your aesthetic.

Likewise, this will also save your dealer’s time and effort when obtaining the materials, as they already know what to look for.

Does the Material Withstand Climate Changes?

The weather is an excellent indicator of the material you choose.

Here, it would help if you decided on a material that will withstand the changing climates in your region.

If you’re frequently experiencing heavy rains for most of the year, you could opt for concrete to withstand such. This material is also a good insulator as it doesn’t retain any heat during the summertime.

If your area experiences hail, you could opt for steel roofing.

This durable material lasts long – providing superior protection even against the threat of increasing hail storms.

Thus, it would help if you asked your builder whether the material is climate-resilient to ensure a secure house structure.

What Products Do Your Builders Use Most Often?

Your builders will always have a list of products they use most often. This is important to ask as you’d learn more about your builders’ skills and services.

Moreover, some builders will often stick to the materials they’ve always selected in the past – as it’s something they’re good at.

Finding a knowledgeable and skilled builder handling such material is best if you want to incorporate fibre cement panels.

This will ensure that the material is handled well.

You’re guaranteed they will handle and incorporate the material well into your house’s foundation as they know it best.

What Products Do You Have the Least Experience With?

Asking this question to your builders will also determine their limitations.

If they’re inexperienced with the material you choose, you could offer alternatives to compensate for this.

If you want to stick with your choice, you could also look for another builder.

Nonetheless, asking this question to your builder helps you avoid any conflict once the build is underway.

What Do You Like About These Products?

This question will inform you about the state of the materials you choose.

By asking your builder, you’ll know whether the material is easy to install or takes a lot to maintain.

Your builders have first-hand experience with various materials, so it’s best to ask their opinion.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required?

Considering the state of the material is also essential. Here, it would help if you asked whether maintenance of the material requires much attention or effort.

If you choose wood as your material, you should learn about its natural ageing process and potential discolouration over time.

Exposure to oxygen, light, and rain can potentially damage the wood. With this, it’s essential to ask about its maintenance to ensure it lasts long.

To preserve your wooden foundation, you could permanently stain them when the colour fades.

You could also get professional help and conduct inspections for your wooden frames.

Although wooded foundations age with time, maintenance doesn’t require a lot.

Typically, a well-built stone foundation will last you as long as 140 years.

However, you should still be aware of its maintenance.

You could hire a mason to help with mortar deterioration, a type of stone damage caused by excessive moisture.

Are There Warranties?

It doesn’t hurt to ask about warranties if you’re talking about purchases.

It would help if you always looked for long-term solutions, so it’s best to ask about the material warranty before your purchase.

Additionally, you’ll be living in your house for a long time, so it’s best to consider the lifespan of every material and the warranty that comes with each.


Your house material is essential and will dictate whether you’ll experience an excellent housing experience once it’s built.

With a strong foundation, you won’t have to worry about weather damage and rain leakage, as you already have a solid build to support you.

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