Refresh Your Office: Simple Ideas to Boost Productivity and Motivation in Your Workplace:

Are you ready to change up your office interior? If so, you’re not alone!

Many often feel their workplace is outdated, bland, and unproductive. This stifles creativity and lowers profits.

This article discusses the best ways to give your office the refreshing makeover it needs without breaking the bank or shutting down operations. With these tips, you’ll fall in love with your office again.

Refresh Your Office:

Refresh Your Office

AI Art

Hanging up art pieces is a simple way to add creativity to your space. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has made this easier than ever: using AI art prompts, you can design the perfect touches to inspire innovation in your employees.

Here’s what to consider before you start generating wall art:

Your Office Aesthetic

Pictures are meant to put the finishing touches on your office’s design, so they should have the same aesthetic.

For example, if your workplace is furnished with sleek, futuristic items, the art you hang up should also have clean lines and matching colours.

How to Hang Them

Another essential consideration is how you will hang them. If you’re renting your space, is your landlord okay with holes in the wall? Will you need to cover them up before moving out?

Especially if you are framing the images, you must consider their weight. If they’re too heavy, they could pose a safety risk if not hung properly.

Add Colour

A grey office is a dull office. Colour has a significant impact on our overall mood, productivity, and stress levels, so choose shades that motivate you, such as:

  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Light green
  • Orange
  • Red

You don’t necessarily have to paint every wall in these bright colours; doing so might make your focus worse. Instead, add accents in these shades, such as curtains, rugs, or wall decorations.


One of the easiest ways to make your office feel brand new is simply tidying up! Over the years, we accumulate a lot of things—chances are, your office is cluttered with old files, broken staplers, and pens you never use.

The less clutter you have on your desk and in your office, the more productive you’ll be. Research has shown that a minimalist interior helps some people think and work better.

How to Declutter

Start in a corner of the room and work your way across, sorting things into piles. What you use often can stay out on the surface. Things you reach for occasionally should go into drawers that are within reach of your chair. Things you never use should be thrown away.

Don’t be sentimental about this process. Sometimes, people keep items just in case they need them, but they end up collecting dust. If you haven’t used it in the last three months, get rid of it!


Indoor plants are known to increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve mood. It’s no wonder they’re such a popular office accessory! Here are the best low-maintenance plants that will quickly transform your workplace:


Pothos pants are perfect for offices because they don’t require much care. All you have to do is water them once every two weeks. Watch out for overwatering: this issue will turn leaves entirely yellow and stems black.


Aloe plants look cool anywhere. They’re small succulents that draw anyone’s gaze due to their spiky leaves.

To care for an aloe plant, water it every time you notice the soil has dried out thoroughly, usually about once every two weeks.


Ferns look peaceful, making them an ideal companion for stressful deadlines and long days. These plants like indirect light, so don’t put them right under a window. Water them often, and keep them in a larger pot so their roots have room to spread out.

Prioritise Comfort

If you’re sitting at your desk for eight hours a day, you’re likely to experience back pain and feel out of shape, especially if your office doesn’t take comfort into account. Therefore, comfort should be your priority if you’re considering updating your furniture.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic chairs conform to the spine’s natural shape and relieve pressure on your back and pelvis. Not only is this more comfortable, but it’s also better for you in the long run. With an ergonomic chair, you have less chance of developing back or neck pain in the future.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Your Desk

If you have the space for it, you should always have some other places to sit apart from your desk. These seats should be comfortable and different, such as a couch or a bean bag.

Changing your surroundings can help you develop fresh ideas and improve your creativity.


Giving your office a fresh look doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With improvements as simple as hanging AI art or introducing plants into your space, you can feel more productive, creative, and motivated.

Spend a weekend improving your workspace, and you’ll see the results immediately!

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