Several Things to Consider When Searching for Roof Access Hatches

Every construction project needs specific materials to ensure the construction team can achieve perfection with their building or structure for roof access hatches.

You have common construction materials that construction companies need, such as large steel beams, industrial glass windows, ceramic or tile flooring, etc. 

However, there is one type of construction material that barely gets recognition most of the time– the roof access hatch.

You might think that commercial buildings and structures don’t need roof access hatches. That’s where you’re wrong.

Commercial buildings tend to have several components installed on their roofs including generators, vents, and HVAC systems.

If you’re new to buying roof access hatches, you need to learn about several things to consider to get the right one. 

Several Things to Consider When Searching for Roof Access Hatches:

1. The purpose of the roof access hatch:

Like with any other construction material, roof access hatches can also come in variants that serve a purpose once you install them.

One example is service roof hatches, which most technicians or building maintenance personnel use to move large equipment from the ground to the roof. 

Usually, some low-rise buildings can easily transport large equipment to the roof using a crane but if the building has three or more floors, it’s impossible to use a crane that can reach that height.

Service roof hatches can provide a large enough entryway for both people and large building equipment without the need of using a crane to lift it from the ground. 

But if you don’t plan on placing anything on your roof, you are better off installing a simple roof access hatch with guardrails to protect the person from falling off.

You can also get fire-rated roof access hatches if there are flammable liquids or materials underneath them.

It prevents the flames from going out of the building and containing it, ensuring that the fire doesn’t spread outside the building. 

You can talk with your contractor during the initial stages of construction to determine what type of roof access hatch you want for your building or structure.

It’s best to talk with a professional contractor, especially if you’re not aware of what it is because they can give you helpful insight about what you need to know about roof hatches. 

2. Roof access hatch specifications:

As mentioned a while ago, a roof access hatch can come in many variations that can suit your construction needs.

Note that there is no universal roof access hatch that you can buy from a supplier because your building has different needs than the others.

When purchasing a roof access hatch, the first thing you will usually ask about is if it has the size that you need. 

Your roof’s opening will have a specific measurement, so you need a roof access hatch that can fit into that particular roof opening measurement.

There were many instances when building owners didn’t consider the roof opening, which led them to either do extensive work to make space fit the roof access hatch or wait for weeks to get the exact one. 

Besides the measurements, you also need to choose whether you need a single or double leaf roof access hatch.

Buildings install single-leaf roof access hatches whenever there’s only one maintenance personnel in charge of taking care of the building.

But when the roof requires several technicians and workers during the day, they will need to install double-leaf roof hatches to let two or more people go through it with ease. 

3. Roof Access Hatch Features:

You can find that roof access hatches don’t only provide convenient access to your roof, but they can also do other things. One example of a feature that commercial buildings require is security.

Hence, security roof access hatches exist. They provide adequate protection to a building and ensure that no unauthorized person can open it without a key.

And if they use drilling equipment, they will have a hard time doing so because of its thickness, and the drilling noise can alert security personnel within the building. 

Another feature you can find with roof hatches is the skylight features.

Usually, industrial buildings prefer installing skylight roof hatches because it provides natural lighting into the building, which also helps reduce energy bills and save money.

Make sure you talk to the supplier about the different roof access hatch features so that you can widen your decisions on which one to choose. 

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Remember that you need to have the roof opening constructed before getting a roof access hatch to prevent any work delays.

Once you have the roof access hatch, you can contact a technician or contractor to install it correctly.

Ensure that you only have it installed by qualified and experienced workers if you want the roof access hatch to work correctly.

You don’t want bolts or other crucial components getting lost because every part of the roof access hatch is critical. 

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