Signs That You Need A Foundation Repair ASAP

Part of a building’s proper maintenance is to conduct a regular checkup on its foundation, while a structure’s foundation has various roles in building repair.

Foundation Watering
Foundation Watering

First, it is the one who supports the entire structure to keep it upright. Second, it also keeps moisture within your property by serving as a dam against groundwater.

Although you think your foundation is still in its best condition, what you might not know is that it might be in dire need of repair. Following are the signs that you must check during your inspection to know whether your foundation already needs a repair or not.

Signs That You Need A Foundation Repair ASAP:

Cracks On The Walls:

Of course, the most obvious sign that you need to repair your foundation is when you see cracks on your walls.

Even those tiny cracks as thin as your hair will eventually get bigger if neglected. However, cracks that are caused by foundation damage have distinct tell-tale signs.

If you notice that the cracks on your walls are larger than ⅛ inches, it’s time to grab your phone and contact so that they can help you check and repair the foundation to avoid a more severe problem.

This huge crack is a clear indication that your wall has significantly shifted, and the damage to your foundation causes this shift.

Nail Popping Out From Your Walls:

Those tiny holes that keep appearing from your drywall are signs that nails are starting to come off.

The most common way of dealing with this is by patching those holes, which doesn’t need further investigation.

But what you might not know is that those holes you are patching off are where nails were placed to keep your walls secure.

Nails popping out signifies that your foundation is starting to shift, and so are your walls.

These tiny holes from nails can also cause severe cracks on your wall eventually if you do not address the primary source of the problem.

Doors and Windows Not Closing Properly:

Another clear sign that you are having trouble with your structure’s foundation and that it needs to be repaired is when your doors and windows are not closing like how they used to.

Suppose you notice that the gaps around your door and windows are becoming more prominent or seem like it is sticking every time you close or open it. In that case, you must immediately call a professional to check your foundations.

A rapid shift of your structure’s foundation can be the reason behind the change of fitting in your doors and windows, and the only solution to these problems is repairing the entire foundation of your building’s structure.


Once your foundation gets damaged, it shifts, thus affecting the entire structure of a particular building.

When this happens, the shifting foundation will force your walls, flooring, or walls with tremendous pressure, and as a result, cracks happen, followed by deformation.

You may notice a visible deformation of the structure. You might notice that cabinet fixtures, countertops, or sinks will be slightly out of place.

Moreover, you’ll notice cracks on the area where they’re affixed to the walls or floors. This will not only ruin the look of the building’s interior, but it can as well damage the fixtures.

Additionally, bulges start to form on the floor, and you will typically notice this under your carpet. If you step on something under your carpet, check closely if your floor is bulging.

There are only two culprits in this scenario. One is a bulging pipe that can dangerously burst at any time, or it is foundation damage that causes your flooring to deform.

Crumbling Concrete:

Have you seen concrete that is forced with great pressure on both sides? If not, then imagine the scene in earthquake movies where the concrete is cracking and crumbling.

This is what will happen to your building if its foundation starts to wear out.

It may not be as quick and massive as the one in the movies, but it is scarily similar.

This can be a hazardous situation for you and everyone inside that crumbling structure which is why this should be treated as a serious foundation issue that you must immediately address.

Some people who have encountered the crumbling of their building’s concrete might think it is a regular occurrence, especially since it is constantly exposed to the elements.

You have to remember that concrete or even bricks are made to withstand even the harshest elements they might get exposed to. This is why you must quickly rule out the natural elements as the cause of the crumbling.

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In General:

All of the mentioned signs are clear indications that your foundation is starting to wear and tear. Damages on the foundation repair are a regular occurrence.

Every structure experiences damage sooner or later, so regular checkups are essential to ensure the safety of the structure and the people who are taking shelter in it.

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