A bulldozer or dozer is a large, motorized machine that travels on tracks and is equipped with a metal blade for pushing material.

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"In bulldozers and dozers, the cutting blade is mounted perpendicular to the direction of travel."

Types of Bulldozer or Dozer: 

1. Crawler Bulldozer.
2. Wheel Bulldozer.
3. Mini Bulldozer.
4. Angle Bulldozer.

1. Crawler Bulldozer:

The crawler is a tracked bulldozer that appears much like a tractor. 

2. Wheel bulldozer:

This machine is a tire bulldozer usually extra critical than a crawler. 

3. Mini Bulldozer:

This is a small bulldozer that is used for jobs that demand more mobility and flexibility than larger machines.

Parts of Bulldozer or Dozer:

- Ripper.
- Final drive.
- The cab.
- Tracks/tires.

Uses of  Bulldozer or Dozer:

- shallow digging and ditching.
- short-range transportation of materials.
- spreading soil dumped from trucks,

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