It is a box-like structure, round or rectangular which sunk on the surface of both land and water at some desired depth.

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Caisson Foundation

"The term cassion is derived from French word caisse meaning box."

When Caisson is required:

Soil contains massive boulders
Depth of water is high.
- Huge substructure is required.

Types of Caisson Foundation

- Open Caisson
- Pneumatic Caisson 
- Floating Caisson
- Box Caisson
- Excavated Caisson

Advantages of caisson foundation:

- Caisson is more economical.
- It makes less noise and vibration during construction.
- It has high axial and lateral loading capacity.

Disadvantages of caisson foundation:

- It is highly sensitive to manufacturing processes.
- They are not good at polluted places.

Uses of caisson foundation:

- The Caisson Foundation is used to build concrete dams and repair ships.
- It is also used for the pump houses.
- It is used for large and multi-storey buildings.

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