Self-leveling concrete is a polymer modified high-perforated concrete that has the ability to flow, compact and give a flat surface when poured on the floor.

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Self Leveling Concrete

"This concrete has excellent flow ability making the surface perfectly smooth and levelled without any vibration."

This is a unique and relatively new concrete technique used to create a smooth and flatter indoor surface before the flooring is installed.

Where SLC is required:

Properties of Self Leveling Concrete:

- It increases the flow capacity.
- This increase flowability for achieving an excellent finish.
- Self-levelling concrete increases the flow capacity.

Advantages of Self Leveling Concrete:

- This concrete is easy to use.
- Fewer workers are needed.
- A flat and smooth surface is obtained.
- It prevents the growth of microorganisms.

Disadvantages of Self Leveling Concrete:

- They were more expensive.
- It does not provide stability to the surface on which the tiles are placed.
- Its surroundings may burst.

Conclusion for Self Leveling Concrete:

Self Leveling Concrete has gain popularity as the degree of flatness and smoothness required for floor covering products has increased.

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