Power Shovel

power shovel

Advertisement The power shovel is a mechanical excavator, it is a bucket-equipped machine, often electrically driven used for digging and loading earth or fragmented rock and mineral extraction. A Power shovel (also stripping shovel or front shovel …

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Pier Foundation

pier foundation

Advertisement The Pier Foundation is preferred in a location where the top level consists of the decomposed rock overlying strata of sound rocks. The difference between a cast-in-situ pile and a pier is arbitrary, a cast-in-situ pile …

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Hardened concrete

Hardened concrete

Advertisement Hardened concrete is a concrete that must be sufficiently strong to withstand the structural and service loads applied and must be durable enough for the environmental risk for which it is designed. It will be the …

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Fish Ladder

fish ladder

Advertisement The fish ladder is provided beside the baffle wall for the movement of fish, rivers are an essential source for fish and there are numerous varieties of fish within the river. The nature of the fish …

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Mortar vs Concrete

Mortar vs cement

Advertisement There are various types of construction material used in buildings, here we will learn the major difference between mortar vs concrete. When binding materials, fine aggregates and water are combined together within the appropriate proportions, they …

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