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Clay Bricks

clay bricks

Advertisement Common burnt clay bricks are made by pressing into moulds, then these bricks are dried in kilns and removed. These bricks are used in general work, with no special …

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Types of Footing

Types of Footing

Advertisement Different types of footing are most commonly used in building construction. They can be both deep as well as shallow depending upon their depth. Basically it is the enlargement …

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Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry

Advertisement Stone Masonry is one of the oldest crafts of ancient monuments & buildings such as churches. Nowadays landscaping works, outside walls, and sculptures are made using stone from the …

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Brick Masonry

brick masonry

Advertisement The laying of bricks bonded together with mortar is known as brick masonry. Bricks are made of clay in building construction and architectural structures. The strength of brick masonry …

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Deep Foundation

Deep Foundation

Advertisement A deep foundation is used where the soil underneath the structure is not able to support the building load within the appropriate depth; therefore the structure has to rest …

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