Advertisement Ferrocement is a type of thin-walled reinforced concrete constructed of hydraulic cement mortar, reinforced with steady and comparatively small size wire mesh, the mesh could also be fabricated from metal or other appropriate materials. Mortar offers a mass and wire mesh offers a tensile strength and flexibility. Here we will learn about ferrocement, its properties & difference between ferrocement and …

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Types of Buildings

Types of buildings

Advertisement There are various types of buildings, classified based on several criteria such as size, function, construction, style, design, etc. However, the International Building Code (IBC 2018) and the Uniform Building Code (UBC) classify buildings based on …

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Shear Wall

shear wall

Advertisement In residential buildings, the shear wall is external form a box that provides lateral support, great strength and rigidity towards the orientation of the buildings & reduces lateral sway of the buildings. The behaviour of shear …

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Post Tension Slab

Post Tension Slab

Advertisement The post tension slab is a combination of traditional slab reinforcement and additional high-strength steel tendons, which are subject to stress after the setting of concrete. Generally pre-cast elements where the strand or bar is stressed …

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Parapet Wall

Parapet Wall

Advertisement A parapet wall is a low wall constructed above the roof that normally extends across the perimeter of a building, they are normally enclosing roof or protecting barrier on the fringe of a roof or bridge. …

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