Shear Wall

shear wall

In residential buildings, the shear wall is external form a box that provides lateral support, great strength and rigidity towards the orientation of the buildings & reduces lateral sway of the buildings. The behaviour of shear walls …

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Post Tension Slab

Post Tension Slab

The post tension slab is a combination of traditional slab reinforcement and additional high-strength steel tendons, which are subject to stress after the setting of concrete. Generally pre-cast elements where the strand or bar is stressed before …

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Parapet Wall

Parapet Wall

A parapet wall is a low wall constructed above the roof that normally extends across the perimeter of a building, they are normally enclosing roof or protecting barrier on the fringe of a roof or bridge. A …

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Types of Cement

types of cement

There are various types of cement used in the construction, each type has its own different properties, uses & benefits, depending on the composition material used during its manufacturing. Cement is a binding material that forms a …

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