Rebars or Steel reinforcement bars are used to enhance the tensile strength of concrete, as concrete is very weak in pressure, however strong in compression. Steel is used as rebar as a result of the elongation of …

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Types of Concrete

types of concrete

There are various types of concrete used in construction. Concrete is made of cement, water, and coarse aggregates, when mixed together, they form a building material that hardens over time. The essential property in every concrete types …

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GFRG Panels

gfrg panels

GFRG (glass fiber reinforced gypsum) panels is an internal alternative to GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) and it is typically abbreviated as GRG or GRC. Glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) consists of high energy resistant glass fibers …

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Types of Sand

types of sand

Most types of sand are formed due to soil erosion, weathering of rocks, broken pebbles and gravel made by rivers, ravines and many others. Sand can be defined as a mixture of granular material and small granular …

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