Hardened concrete

Hardened concrete

Advertisement Hardened concrete is a concrete that must be sufficiently strong to withstand the structural and service loads applied and must be durable enough for the environmental risk for which it is designed. It will be the …

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Mortar vs Concrete

Mortar vs cement

Advertisement There are various types of construction material used in buildings, here we will learn the major difference between mortar vs concrete. When binding materials, fine aggregates and water are combined together within the appropriate proportions, they …

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Pozzolana Portland cement

Portland Pozzolana Cement

Advertisement Pozzolana Portland cement is mainly used in hydraulic construction. It has no cementing or binding properties but as a microscopically grounded, it reacts with calcium hydroxide to form compounds with cement properties. Here we will learn …

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Types of Windows

Types of Windows

Advertisement There are various types of windows used in the construction of houses, buildings, offices, etc. A window is defined as vented barrier secured in a wall opening to serve one or more of the functions, i.e., …

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