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Concrete Retarders

concrete retarders

Advertisement Concrete Retarders are the mixture that slows down the chemical process of hydration so that the concrete remains plastic and workable for a long time. Retarders are used to …

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Advertisement Gypsum is important and extensively used as a construction material; it contains 70% of CaSO4, 2H20 can be used for building construction. Chemically, gypsum is a sulfate of calcium …

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Ready Mixed Concrete

Ready Mixed Concrete

Advertisement Ready Mixed Concrete is an ideal concrete that is manufactured in a factory or in a batching plant based on standard required specifications. The finished concrete mixture is then …

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Underwater Concrete

Underwater Concrete

Advertisement Underwater concrete is a construction material commonly used in all types of civil engineering works. During the construction of bridges, dams or other construction where the bottom part of …

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Reinforced Concrete

Reinforced concrete

Advertisement Reinforced concrete or reinforced cement concrete (RCC), is concrete that consists of steel bars, plates or fibres that strengthen the concrete. The load-carrying capacity of concrete has increased due …

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