Soil Cement

Soil Cement

Advertisement Soil cement is a construction material, generally mixture of pulver natural soil with portland cement and water, which is usually deposited in extreme densities, it has good compressive and shear strength. Due to the hydration of …

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Advertisement Formwork is a mold, consisting of all supporting structure, which is used to form and support concrete, until it attains sufficient strength to hold its own weight. It must be capable of carrying all dead and …

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Advertisement Ferrocement is a type of thin-walled reinforced concrete constructed of hydraulic cement mortar, reinforced with steady and comparatively small size wire mesh, the mesh could also be fabricated from metal or other appropriate materials. Mortar offers a mass and wire mesh offers a tensile strength and flexibility. Here we will learn about ferrocement, its properties & difference between ferrocement and …

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Types of Cement

types of cement

Advertisement There are various types of cement used in the construction, each type has its own different properties, uses & benefits, depending on the composition material used during its manufacturing. Cement is a binding material that forms …

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Types of Concrete Block

Concrete Block Types

Advertisement There are generally various types of concrete block used in the construction of the structures such as houses, buildings, etc. They are manufactured in any required shape and size and it may also be concrete or …

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