Wall Cladding

wall cladding

Wall cladding will be defined as an exterior or interior finishing system, their function to protect the underlying structure as well as to provide aesthetic purpose, they are also easy and fast to install. In construction, it …

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Superplasticizer is chemical admixtures that are added to the concrete to improve their flowing ability, they help to reduce the amount of water in the concrete and to improve the strength and durability of concretes. They achieve …

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Geotextile is a strong synthetic fabric that is used in construction projects such as highways or dam that stabilize the loose soil and effectively prevent soil erosion. In the case of the black mulch process, farmers need …

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Admixture is a material other than cement, water and concrete, added to batches before mixing or during mixing, to modifying the properties of ordinary concrete & to make it more suitable for the essential condition. Organic or …

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