Types of Roads

Types of Roads

Advertisement Roads can be classified in various types based on material, traffic, location, function and much more, road transport is an essential network for any country, as road access increases, speed decreases. Roads contribute significantly to economic …

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Concrete slab

Concrete slab

Advertisement The concrete slab is basically a two-dimensional bending member (beam is a one-dimensional bending member) which is designed for bending, shear and torsion at the corners. Generally, it is horizontal and has a smaller thickness comparative …

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Sunken Slab

sunken slab

Advertisement The sunken slab is a type of slab cast at a certain depth ( 200 mm, 300 mm or any other depending on design) below normal floor level, it is also known as sunk slab. This …

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Parts of stairs

parts of a stairs

Advertisement The staircase is made up of different parts of stairs. A stairs are arrangement of steps that allows the person to move from lower to higher floor or higher to lower floor. A staircase made of …

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