Difference between Wood and Timber

Wood is a thick fibrous material that makes up the trunk and branches of trees and shrubs that are used for fuel or wood whereas timber refers to trees planted for timber, as well as a wooden plank or panel used in the construction of houses, yacht, or other structure.

Here are some of the main differences between timber and wood to help you understand how both differ:

Wood Vs Timber:


The Wood is an example of a composite material, cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose, and fibres make up this substance.

Wood also possesses clumpy organic tissues and is permeable or porous.

It is primarily used for construction but utilized in everyday items such as toothpicks, pencils, chopsticks, tables, couches, and other similar items.

Wood is one of the world’s most widely used natural building materials.

Wood is a preferred material due to a number of desirable characteristics such as low heat conductivity, high porosity, relatively high strength, and mechanical workability.


Timber, often known as lumber, is the fuel for growing trees.

Timber or lumber refers to any wood that may generate a minimum dimensional size.

It is a stage in the production of wood.

Timbers are woods that have been transformed for use in buildings.

For the industry, finished timber is provided in conventional sizes.

Timber is utilized in the construction of dwellings and the

Difference between Wood and Timber

What is the Difference between Wood and Timber?

The main difference between timber and wood is that timber is a purified wood that is changed into rafters, braced frames, and planks, whereas wood is a rubbery or fibrous substance made from the first of another plant or shrub.

So, what’s the difference? Let’s discuss the difference between acid and base:

The term ‘wood’ consists of materials that make up a tree and are used to transport moisture and nutrients.Timber is wood utilized after the tree has been destroyed or fallen down.
Wood is a fibrous or elastic substance that originates from plants or flora.            Struts, beams, and panels are all made from timber.
Wood is used for flooring, bridges, storage boxes, planks, skins and logs, etc.Furniture, firebreaks, beams, various construction purposes, paper pulp, and so on are all made from timber.         
A substance composed primarily of the middle part of the trunk and branches is utilized as a construction material.Forest trees are recognized as a supply of timber.
Use trees to produce a wood cover.A nest is constructed out of timber.
A pencil, toothpick, stick, or other similar objects can be used to produce the wood material.Timber is a larger type of wood.
Wood is employed in a variety of ways.Timber is only used in construction projects.
Wood is combined to form from the forest.        A flat wooden log is used to make timbers.
It is a rough substance.  The timber that has been finished is referred to as timber.
Wood is processed wood.Unprocessed wood is known as timber.
Wood is the generic term for the material that all timbers and logs are made of.Timber begins as a simple wooden log and is subsequently transformed into beams, boards, rafter shapes, and other structures.
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After reading this article you learned a lot about the differences between them.

 It can be determined that timber is wood that has been treated, refined, and twisted into beams and girders, whereas wood is generally used to refer to a material or component in its original state.

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