Helpful Tips When Choosing an Access Door

Whenever you plan on getting construction materials, make sure you get them from reliable suppliers for access door.

As a building owner, you need to talk with your construction team in charge of the project because they can provide you details on how the construction will go.

You need to have extensive knowledge when choosing construction materials, or else you’ll find yourself getting into a ton of issues that can jeopardize the entire project. 

One construction material that new and inexperienced contractors have difficulty in choosing is an access door.

Like any other construction material, you can get the access door in different variations, ensuring your construction project goes smoothly.

You can find several expert tips that can help you with choosing an access door. 

Helpful Tips When Choosing an Access Door:

Tip #1: Learn where you plan on installing the access door:

The first tip you need to remember when choosing access doors is knowing where to install them.

Most of the time, contractors install them on walls because of the different building components found behind wall surfaces, such as concrete, drywall, tiles, etc.

Once you figure out where you plan on placing the access door, you won’t have to encounter severe issues in the long run. 

Besides the walls, you can also find access doors that you can install on floors, also known as floor access hatches.

Building technicians and maintenance personnel utilize floor access doors to gain entry and work on building components such as plumbing pipes, gas pipes, and electrical wires, to name a few. 

And if you have building components in attics or above ceilings, you can get ceiling and attic access doors.

Their mechanism works differently than the usual access doors you install on wall surfaces.

Some ceiling and attic access doors can also provide an airtight environment, ensuring no draft or moisture goes into the attic.

It’s a critical feature, especially when you have wooden materials that need to stay dry at all times. 

Tip #2: The material of the surface:

You have to learn about your building’s different construction materials because there are access doors that you can only install on specific surfaces.

There are access doors and panel variants that you can only install on drywall surfaces but never on concrete surfaces.

If you get an access door that doesn’t fit on the surface, you will have to wait for a long time for the right one to arrive.

Tip #3: Choosing the fire rating:

One fact about access doors is that they can do more than provide convenient access to your building’s components and systems.

A time will come when your fire will catch fire, and you need to minimize the damage as much as possible to avoid spending too much on repairs.

Building components can often catch fire right away, but you can prevent that by installing fire-rated access doors. 

You can also find that different fire ratings can withstand the heat of the fire for several minutes or hours.

The fire rating will also depend on where you plan on installing it.

If you want to place it in public spaces, you can install a fire-rated access door with a fire rating between 30 minutes to an hour.

But if you plan to install it in building areas with flammable materials present, it’s best to use an access door with a fire rating of 3 hours or more. 

Tip #4: Selecting the weight of the access door:

The access door you choose needs to have the exact weight to ensure it doesn’t damage the surface once you install it.

Many instances happened when contractors installed a heavy access door on a drywall surface, and the drywall got destroyed over time because it could not handle the weight.

When that occurs, you will have no other option but to contact a contractor again to do the repairs. 

You need your contractor to provide details on how much load the surface can take so that they can choose access doors with the perfect weight.

If you want a lighter access door, you can get one manufactured with thin doors and paneling, and you can install them on any surface.

There are also heavy-duty general access doors that can fit on sturdy surfaces like concrete. 

Tip #5: Access door security features:

Another important feature about access doors that you need is the locks.

You can open some locks using a screwdriver, making it easier for maintenance personnel to open them without a key.

But if there are valuable building components, you have the option to choose a key-lock to keep it safer.

It’s always vital that you keep your access doors secure at all times if you don’t want any unauthorized people tampering or accessing it. 


Don’t forget the helpful tips mentioned above if you want to get the perfect access door for your needs.

You also have to get your access doors from trusted suppliers to ensure the quality of the products. 

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