Types of Heavy Equipment

The construction industry uses various types of heavy equipment to demolish and build projects, these machines lift heavy loads, dig trenches, and lift materials.

The type of machine to use is based on the particular project. Many types of heavy equipment perform multiple jobs depending on the attachments.

Selecting the appropriate machine depends on the project, the amount of space at the worksite, and the functions of the machine.

Heavy Equipment Used in Construction:


1. Excavators:

Excavators come in mini and large sizes as they maneuver around the job site. They are typically used for digging applications but can also lift objects and clear away brush.

These machines come with hydraulic systems that control a bucket attachment that can swing 360 degrees.

This movement allows the equipment to work in every direction without having to move its Fortis tracks or wheels.

In addition to having a bucket attachment, excavators can also be equipped with augers, cutters, rakes, and other tools. Excavators can quickly demolish a building and then lift the debris into dumpsters and dump trucks.

2. Backhoes:

Backhoes look somewhat similar to excavators except the hydraulic arm and bucket are attached to the back of the machine. At the front, there is a shovel that can dig and grade the earth.

Backhoes can be used for many functions. They can perform hauling, dumping, and digging.

They are smaller than excavators, so the bucket attachment cannot reach up as high or dig as low as the other heavy construction equipment.

The bucket at the back of the machine can also be removed as other attachments can be installed.

3. Compact Track Loaders:

Compact track loaders have a bucket at the front of the machine. They run on tracks and can lift dirt to move it to other locations.

They cannot dig as deep as backhoes or excavators. They are mainly used to move materials around the construction site.

A compact loader can also be used for clearing out brush or removing tree stumps from the ground.

It comes equipped with tracks so it can move across surfaces such as lawns or paving without damaging the landscape.

skid steers

4. Skid Steers:

Skid steers look similar to compact loaders except they are heavier machines. Skid steers also have tracks or wheels while compact loaders just have tracks.

A skid steer has a bucket attachment on the front as it can perform light digging and hauling functions. This heavy equipment is often chosen for construction sites due to its smaller size.

When an excavator cannot fit into tight spaces, a skid steer may be chosen instead.

This machine can come with different attachments. These attachments allow for the skid steer to be used for different applications.

It can dig holes with an auger or mix up cement to pave a pathway.

dump trucks

5. Dump Trucks:

Dump trucks haul debris during building demolition or materials used in construction projects, the trucks have a large and enclosed bed with an open top.

The machine can dump materials from the back using a hydraulic system. Some dump trucks can also dump materials by lifting the bed sideways.

Dump trucks come in a wide range of sizes and payloads. Types of materials it can haul include dirt, sand, gravel, rocks, and building materials.


6. Compactors:

Compactors have enormous, wheeled rollers either at the front or the back of the machine, this type of heavy equipment is used to compress and compact surfaces at construction sites.

A compactor can smooth ground or lay flat hot asphalt for paving roads and driveways.

7. Graders:

Graders are used to level uneven ground.

They may grade surfaces to divert water to a specific direction to prevent flooding from happening to homes and commercial buildings.

The grader has a blade that is in the middle of the machine between the front and back wheels. The driver operates the machine in the cab above the blade.

trenchers- Types of Heavy Equipment


Trenchers are designed to create very deep holes or long trenches. These trenches may be used by utility, gas & oil, electrical, water, or wastewater industries.

At the front of the machine is a large, wheeled trencher. This trencher is a metal wheel that has many teeth. It is designed to tear into the ground.

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The various types of heavy construction equipment may be used by contractors or by residents to perform tasks, other industries that use this equipment include mining, forestry, oil & gas, and public works.

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