Power Shovel

A power shovel (also stripping shovel or front shovel or electric mining shovel or electric rope shovel) is a bucket-equipped machine, usually electrically powered used for digging and loading earth or fragmented rock, and mineral extraction.

They are also known as face shovel operate on a flat surface producing upward digging action, excavation and filling the bucket as it climbs.

It is a mechanical excavator commonly used for digging and loading earth or fragmented rock and mineral extraction.

Types of Power shovel:

Power shovel primarily based on mounting:

If it is positioned on a crawler monitor, it’s referred to as a crawler-mounted power shovels.

iF it is mounted on rubber-tired wheels, it is known as a wheel-mounted power shovels.

Electric shovel primarily based on operation:

These shovel operates using several primary motions as follows:

Hoist: Pulling the bucket up via the bank (i.e. the bank of material being dug)

Crowd: To transferring the dipper handle out or in, to manage the depth of cut and positioning to dump.

Swing: Shifting the shovel between digging and dumping.

Propel: To transfer the shovel unit to totally different locations or dig a place.

Factors affecting the output of power shovel:

Angle of swing:

The horizontal angle (expressed in degrees) between the place of the dipper when it is digging and the place when discharging the load.

The output of the power shovel is inversely proportional to the cycle time thus at the angle of swing.

Job Position:

Job conditions can be classified as excellent, good, fair and poor depending on the conditions of the work site and climatic conditions.

Management position:

  • Excellent management conditions achieve maximum production while poor can minimum yield.
  • The small size of the hauling unit makes a small shovel size.
  • A skilled operator increases the output.
  • The physical condition of the shovel increases the production.
  • The bad shape subject to wear and tear.

Applications of Power shovel:

  1. The power shovels are suitable for pulling soft materials.
  2. It can remove larger size boulders with earlier looseness.
  3. It is used in a variety of jobs such as digging in the gravel bank, clay pits, cutting road works, roadside sperm, etc.
  4. Also, very useful for digging trenches.
  5. It is mostly used in digging for canals and depositing on embankments without uniting.
  6. It is used for excavation and removal of overburden.
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The power shovel uses a push-type, forward-scooping motion as compared to a ‘backhoe‘ that uses a pull-type, rearward-scooping motion.

The output of the shovel is inversely proportional to the cycle time at the angle of swing.

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