Sheepsfoot Rollers

Sheepsfoot rollers are static and vibration type of machines used for compaction of soil with a mixture of all fine-grained clay and sand-gravel, it has metal drums with luggage fixing and can pressurize up to 14 kg / sq. cm.

There are different types of lugs i.e. spindle-shaped wide base, prismatic and clubfoot type.

The weight of the drum can be increased as in the case of rollers of smooth wheels with water, wet sand or by mounting sections of steel.

Here we will learn about sheepsfoot roller, types of sheepsfoot rollers & its uses.

Introduction to Sheepsfoot rollers:

The efficiency of sheepsfoot rollers compaction can be achieved when slowly rolling out of roller lugs with regular coverage.

The efficiency is also influenced by the pressure on the foot and the coverage of the ground obtained per pass.

The pressure required for the ground depends on the parameters such as the gross weight of the roller

The number of lugs connected to the bottom at any given time and the whole number of feet per drum are considered.

The compaction of soil is mainly due to foot penetration and soil pressure, it is maximum when the feet are perpendicular.

Characteristics Sheepsfoot Rollers:

  • The ground coverage area of this roller is low.
  • 8-12% ground coverage under the lugs on the drum.
  • Contact pressure from 1400 to 7000 kilopascals.
  • Sheepsfoot roller works normally at a speed of 6-10 kilometre per hour.
  • It is mostly used for sand soils such as silky soils other than heavy soils and sandy soils.
  • Condensation effort is static weight and kneading.
  • The thickness of the compacting layer is kept to a minimum of 5 centimetres or more, depending on the length of the foot.

Difference between Padfoot and Sheepsfoot rollers:

Padfoot rollers are similar to sheepsfoot rollers with larger area lugs.

Pad feet or tamping rollers are most suited to depositing soil.

These rollers are significantly better than sheep foot rollers as a result of their excessive manufacturing capability.

Uses of Sheep foot rollers:

  1. Sheepsfoot rollers are used to compact fine clay and fine-grained soils such as silty clay.
  2. Also, used for the compaction of sub-grade layers in freeway and rail tasks.
  3. It is used to compile soil layers in dams, embankments, pavements, and railroad construction projects.
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Sheepsfoot rollers are used to compact heavy clay and fine clay soils such as silty clay.

These rollers are used for soil compaction in underground layers in dams, embankments, pavements and railroad construction projects.

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