Spandrel Beam

In steel or concrete structures, spandrel beams or edge beams are external beams that extend horizontally from column to another column, spandrel beams are provided on each floor which helps distinguish floor levels in high-rise buildings.

A spandrel beam is a load-bearing member sandwiching a load-bearing column around the perimeter of a deck, laying for joist support.

Here we will learn about spandrel beam, properties, advantages and disadvantages of spandrel beams.

Introduction to spandrel beam:

A spandrel beam is an area from the top of a window header to the sill of the window, which typically transitions from one floor to another.

In the case of tall buildings, masonry walls are usually not able to withstand their own and slab weight, so the beam is provided with external walls at each floor level to support the wall load, these beams are called spandrels.

Properties of Spandrel Beam:

  • The spandrel beams depends highly on the floor beams characteristics.
  • Beams attached to a flanged floor beam instead of a rectangular floor beam create an increased ability to resist torsional stresses.
  • The torsional behavior of the spandrel beams are crucial function because the slab load is basically transmitted by the torsion from the beams to the column.

Advantages of Spandrel Beam:

  1. Spandrel beams provide additional strength on the outer edges of a multi-story building.
  2. These beams improve the lateral stiffness of steel and concrete structures.
  3. In wide beams-column connections, spandrel beams with each longitudinal and transverse reinforcement are preferred which improve the seismic efficiency of the building.
  4. These beams are used in coupled shear walls to create sufficient stiffness and flexibility against earthquake movements.
  5. Also, provide support with external side openings such as sheer walls and lintels.

Disadvantages of Spandrel Beam:

  1. As spandrel beams are located on the exterior of a building, they are often more exposed to moisture than floor beams resulting in degradation or corrosion of reinforcement steels.
  2. It results in the breaking and chewing of concrete, so considerable money is spent on restoration.
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Uses of Spandrel Beam:

  • Spandrel beams are used in multi-story buildings on each floor level.
  • These are connected to the outer perimeter of the floor slab as a belt to help the floor beam.
  • It additionally strengthens the connection between the slab and the outer columns.
  • On roofs, parapets are placed above these beams.
  • This beam is designed to move the external wall load and slab load from the slab to the outer column, then the entire load is passed through the column to the footings.
  • This creates a complex system of load distribution.
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Spandrel panels are pre-assembled structural panels used as a separate wall or as an exterior gable roof panel.

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