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Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump

Advertisement A Centrifugal Pump works on the principle of the centrifugal force; when a wheel or tire is spinning fast, anything is attached to the wheel will be thrown outwardly. …

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Advertisement Excavator is a machine used for the moving of earth and other materials. An excavator is a self-propelled vehicle, that is capable of moving material from one place to …

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Types of Pumps

types of pumps

Advertisement There are different types of pumps to transfers the water or gas, we had made a detailed classification of pumps with merits & demerits. A pump is a device …

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Advertisement A Backhoe is a universal machine for digging, trenching, debris removal, loading-trucks, ground level, and much more. The backhoe is a type of excavation machine produced by JCB Sales …

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Advertisement Bulldozer or Dozer is the cheapest and first choice for excavating and moving earth up to 100 m; these are either a crawler or wheel type, amongst this crawler …

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