Difference between Footing and Foundation

Footing and foundation are known as the selfsame, footing is the lowest part of any foundation and the foundation is the lowest part which is reinforced with footing.

A foundation is a structure that transfers load from the superstructure to the ground and footing is a foundation that is in contact with the earth, the foundation can be shallow and deep while a footing is a type of shallow foundation, so all footings are foundation but all the foundation cannot be footings.

The types of foundation is selected on the basis of depth, soil type and composition.

People get confused when there is an identical difference, although there are some major differences between footings and foundations, they are discussed below.

Footing and foundation:


The foundation is the lowest part of any structure, which primarily transfers the load coming from the higher components to the soil below.

Typically, foundations are of two types i.e. shallow foundations and deep foundation.

The shallow foundation transfers the load to shallow depths of up to 1.5 m and the deep foundation transfers loads to depths in hard strata below the ground surface with a depth of more than 1.5 m.

Shallow foundations are used for low-height structures with a horizontal spread greater than the vertical height.

A tall building such as a skyscraper or building on very weak soil requires a shallow foundation, if the building is to extend vertically into the future, a deep foundation needs to be suggested.


Footing is the part of the foundation that supports and transfers the load to a larger area on the soil, so it is safe foundation for the settlement.

It is usually cast with reinforcement and concrete, footings are usually used in combination with shallow foundations.

The width and depth of footings depends mainly on the size, type of the foundation and soil.

Difference between Footing and Foundation:

The foot is a formation that is in contact with the ground.A foundation is a structure that transfers its gravitational load from the superstructure to the earth.
The feet may be analogized with the feet of the legs.The feet might be compared to legs.
The footing is a form of shallow foundation.Foundation will be shallow and deep.
Footing consists of slabs, rebars which can be constructed from brickwork, masonry or concrete.Foundation types include piles, footings, piers, lateral support and anchors.
Footing settles the support of a person column.The foundation is extensive support because it helps the group of footings as a complete building.
There is a lot of footings repose on a foundation.The basis is the support that tolerates all kinds of loading.
There is a footing under the foundation wall.The foundations are basement walls.
Footing loads directly into the soil.The foundation is in direct contact with the soil and passes it to the ground.
All footings are foundations.Not all foundations are footings.
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Finally, foundations and footing are single components of any building structure while the primary difference is that footing is the lowest part of the foundation.

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