Brick bonds

Brick bonds

Advertisement Brick bonds is the arrangement of bricks in a wall or column like structure. To position the bricks and improve the appearance of the wall, mortar is used in between the bricks to make joints. Here …

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Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry

Advertisement Stone Masonry is one of the oldest crafts of ancient monuments & buildings such as churches. Nowadays landscaping works, outside walls and sculptures are made using stone to give a more beautiful structural appearance. Introduction to …

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Brick Masonry

brick masonry

Advertisement The laying of bricks bonded together with mortar is known as brick masonry, the strength of brick masonry depends on the bonding material and the method of brick bonds adopted. Bricks are made of clay used …

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Advertisement Plaster is a pasty composition that hardens when used for drying and coating walls, ceilings, and partitions, to protect penetration of rainwater and other environmental agencies. It improves the appearance of the structure and provides a …

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Segregation of Concrete

segregation of concrete

Advertisement Segregation of concrete is defined as the separation of constituent materials of concrete. Good concrete is one in which all materials are correctly distributed to form a homogeneous mixture. Here we will learn about segregation of …

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