Cinder Block and Concrete Block

The terms cinder block and concrete block are often used as indistinguishable.

For most practical uses in today’s construction, there is no difference both blocks are made of cast concrete.

The cinder blocks is made of concrete and cinder whereas the concrete blocks is made of steel, wood, or cement, while the concrete blocks are heavier than the cinder blocks because it consists of stone and sand.

Cinder Block vs Concrete Block:

Cinder Block:

The cinder blocks are hollow rectangular structures made from concrete and coal cylinders that find purposes in building sites.

The cinder blocks is made from concrete materials, but there may be also cinder inside.

In this manner, it turns into a very light-weight building element.

Concrete Bricks:

Concrete bricks are usually small rectangular blocks arranged and stacked collectively to form an inflexible wall, bricks are normally made from baked clay or concrete.

Some producers use concrete, whereas others make use of cement and aggregates for economic functions, the producers also made bricks with different colours based on the request of some customers.

Concrete bricks are commonly used in fences, facades as it provides a good aesthetic and slick look.

Difference between cinder block and concrete block:

Cinder Block  Concrete Block
The cinder blocks consist of fly ash as aggregate.Fly ash is involved in the construction of masonry units in concrete blocks.
The cinder blocks exhibit a hollow rectangle structure.The concrete blocks exhibit a flat structure.
The cinder blocks are made of layers of concrete and coal.Concrete blocks are produced by metal, wood and cement.
Cinder blocks are lighter than concrete blocks.Concrete blocks comprise stone or sand which makes it heavy.
The cinder blocks have no tensile force to withstand the strain.Concrete blocks are a tough, sturdy material.
As cinder blocks will not be very rigid, many building codes prohibit the use of cinder block.The concrete blocks are much stronger than the cinder block.
Cinder blocks are used in small places such as garden walls or project walls.Concrete blocks are used in more construction projects.
Cinder blocks are represented as old-fashioned as they were not mass-produced in 50 years.Concrete blocks are much more in use than the former due to their hardness.
Cinder blocks are expensive because it requires more repairs.Concrete blocks are easy to afford.
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Cinder block have fly ash as an aggregate and concrete block in the concrete masonry units also consists of fly ash.

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